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We are no longer maintaining our community solar discovery service.

If you're interested in finding community solar, we're still happy to help. Please contact with you your name and address, and we'll be happy to point you to a trusted community solar provider.

Our Partners
We aim to educate people about community solar, and give them the tools to evaluate if they want to participate, and if they do, confidently select a subscription. We don’t promote one provider over another. Our partners share this approach, and work with us to promote shopping for community solar using SolarMatch.
Partner With SolarMatch
You can use SolarMatch’s web application with your community to allow them to evaluate and shop for community solar with confidence and ease. We work with all manner of communities, including cities, companies, non-profits and agencies. Furthermore, we can provide you custom, easy-to-implement resources to promote community solar, examples of which include:
  • Custom email templates about program
  • Educational materials
  • Custom promotional materials
  • Custom welcome web page
  • Live presentations to your community
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We'd like to hear from you and discuss how we can work with you to promote community solar to your community.
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